Why is Juicing Important?

Juice is filled with really important enzymes. Enzymes are the catalyst that start all biological functions in the body, as well as aid in digestion, and repair tissue. Juice has all the nutrients needed for cell growth, function, and repair. Juice enters the blood and goes to work in as few as 15 minutes after ingesting.

What you’ll need:

  • Fruits and vegetables (contact me for specific recipes)
  • A juicer (NOT a blender — juicing is for medicinal and healing purposes, so we need to eliminate the digestion process of solid food)
  • A nice, big glass. And a straw (for easy sipping).

Did you know that it only takes 15 minutes for the essential enzymes in your juice to become oxidized and destroyed? That’s why bottled juices are pointless, and contain little to no nutritional value. All you’re left with is the sugar and a nutrient-less juice. Here I’m going to show you how you can actually benefit from the nutritional enzymes that come from fresh juice:

Juicing for Health

Juicing is best done on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning, or between meals when you start to feel hungry. Eliminating the energy and burden of digestion will allow the juice to enter your bloodstream quickly. The body is now able to use this saved energy for cell repair, cleansing, and healing.

It’s so important to aid your body with the proper nutrients to rid the body of diseased cells and toxins, and to build new, healthy cells. All accumulated waste that has built up in your organs can now be flushed out. Most of the time, our bodies are not functioning at 100% capacity because of the daily stress we place on ourselves. Juicing will help assist your body in overall healing so that you may experience better energy levels and better immune function.

Juice Fasting

It is recommended to do a juice fast for 3 days, once per month. NO solid food can be taken during this fast, but you will be drinking at least 1 ounce of juice per pound of body-weight per day. This is a lot of juice! So you’ll be nice and full. You’ll also need to be drinking your normal water requirements on top of the juice. If you feel hungry, you’re not drinking enough juice.

You might feel some “flu-like” symptoms from the fast, or even experience some other symptoms of feeling unwell. This is normal. These symptoms are simply an immune response to an inner issue, also known as healing symptoms. The juice cleanse is clearly flushing something out, so you are now experiencing the outward symptoms of that.

Listen to your body during this time. If symptoms are severe, there is no need to punish your body and overwork your immune system. Start re-introducing soft fruits back into your diet to come off the cleanse. But, if you can keep going with the cleanse until it’s over, that would be best, as this is the only way to know you’re getting rid of all the toxins.

How Juicing Changed My Life

I’ll get a little bit personal on my health history… I have always been a hard worker, and I’m used to going to bed late/getting up early to train my clients. I’ve always felt like I had plenty of energy to get through the day, plus get my own workouts in. However, for some reason over the last year, I had been getting sick more and more, and I was constantly tired. The effects of physical and environmental stress were really catching up to me.

I started doing some research about diet, thinking maybe there was something missing that could get me going again. I had an Iridology exam done, where the practitioner examines the eye and identifies which organs needed work. Turns out, my liver and my adrenal glands/thyroid were suffering. Both were a combination of being over-stimulated (living off coffee), using unhealthy fitness supplements (dangerous pre-workouts and low-quality protein powder), and not getting enough sleep.

Some simple juice recipes with specific ingredients got straight to the bottom of this and helped heal and recover my stressed-out organs. Now, I am maintaining my health with just 1 juice a day, plenty of water, and plenty of herbal tea.

The fact that this simple process actually worked was enough testimony for me to share it with all of my clients. I even began studying to become a holistic health practitioner myself, so that I will also be able to use Iridology on others to better benefit my clients.

We can’t all quit our jobs to remove stress and get 8-9 hours of consecutive sleep a night. Sometimes we are forced to live stressful lives — you might have small children who keep you up all night, you might work 60-hours a week, and you might drink 4 cups of coffee a day. Whatever it is, these are all putting stress and over-stimulation on your body.

The solution is simple, though. We live in a country where these foods are available to us at all times. We just need to use them in the right way to bring healing and energy back into our lives.

Add Juicing to your Daily Routine

If you’re new to juicing, it’s best to start off with 1-2 juices a day to get the hang of it. You’ll experience so many healing benefits, including healthier looking skin, more energy, quicker recovery from workouts, lessened symptoms of chronic disease, and so much more.

More Information

For more information on how to juice, how to do a juice cleanse, or simply what juice recipes would be best for you, visit my Nutrition Page, and fill out the information form. I would love to help you build a new, healthy you!